Rockwool Pipe Section,Rock wool Pipe Insulation,Rock wool Insulation

Rock wool Pipe Section,Rock wool Insulation

Rockwool Pipe Section

Rockwool Pipe Section,The pipe section is produced from non-combustible mineral fibers. It performs strong and rigid. Each section is split at one side and hinged at the other side for easy installation.

Rockwool Pipe Section Application
The pipe sections are suitable for application on process and piping works operating at maximum temperature 750degree, with outer diameter of the insulation up to 610mm. It can also be used in air-conditioning systems, flange and central-heating. The high water-repellent effect and external shock resistance make it ideal for application in condition where water can penetrate the insulation and great compression resistance is required.

Rockwool Pipe Section Sound Absorption
The pipe is extremely ideal for enhancing sound absorption of pipelines in particularly conditions where liquids, air, or solid particles are transported through the pipelines at high velocities.

Rockwool Pipe Section Fire Resistance
Pipe Sections are no-combustible when tested to ASTM E-136.

Compressive Strength
10% compressive >20 Kpa

Moisture Resistance
The products has water-repellent performance, non-hygroscopic.

Chemical Properties/Biological Properties
Mineral wool is neutral (PH 7) or slightly alkaline and meet the requirement of standard ASTM C 795, JIS A 9504.

It will not normally support the growth of molds, fungi and bacteria.

Rockwool Pipe Section Test Reports
Reports & certificates are available upon request.

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