Rock Wool Pipe,rock wool pipe insulation,Rock rool Insulation

Rock Wool Pipe,rock wool pipe insulation

rock wool pipe

rock wool pipe is made of natural basalt as the major materials which are made into man-made inorganic fibers by fast centrifugal equipment after high-temperature melted, and at the same time adding special adhesives and dust laying oil. It can be made into various rock wool heat-preserving shell of pipe with different specs and requirements by heating and solidify. Also, rock wool can be composite with glass wool and alumina silicate wool into heat-preserving shell of pipe.

rock wool pipe Scope of application:
Heat insulation of various hot and cold pipelines, and hidden and exposed pipelines.
Heat insulation of pipelines in electric power, petroleum, chemical industry, light industry, metallurgy and etc.

rock wool pipe Choice of facings:
Heat-preserving meshes should possess the functions of anti-condensation, moisture-proof and etc in different working environments, so it needs to stick protective coating outside of heat preservation shell of pipe. we have a variety of facings to choose.

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