Rock Wool Insulation

Rock Wool Blanket

rock wool blanket

Rock Wool Blanket a flexible rolling product covered with iron wire mesh,stainless steel wire mesh or glass fiber cloth.

It is used mainly for the insulation of large sized pipe and tank, large equipment, special shape components, valves and pipe fittings. Iron and stainless steel wire mesh blanket is especially suitable for thermal insulation of high-temperature equipment. Density:50kg/m3-100kg/m3 Thickness:25mm-150mm

Properties of mineral wool blanket

1. Thermal conductivity coefficient: ≤0.44W/m.k (average test temperature 70±52°C) (Only includes substrate, with covering material and suture not included)

2. Thermal load contraction temperature (maximum application temperature): >600°C

3. Other special sizes, the density may have custom-made according to the customer request consultation.

Rock Wool Blanket Product is packed in polythene plastic thermal-shrink film or plastic bag. During transportation and storage, keep product away from moisture and compressive deformation.

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