Rubber foam insulation

Rubber foam insulation

Rubber foam insulation
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Rubber Foam Insulation,Rubber Foam Sheet,foam rubber insulation with aluminum foil.
Technical Parameters

Rubber foam insulation sheet Technical Parameters:

Item Unit Specification Standard
Density Kg/m³ ≤95 GB/T6343
Oxygen index % ≥32 GB/T2406
SDR —— ≤75 GB/T8627
Conductivity factor W/(m.k)
Average temperature
-20°C ≤0.031 GB/T10294
0°C ≤0.034
40°C ≤0.036
Watervapor permeability Coefficient g/( ≤2.8*10-11 GB/T17146-1997
Factor —— ≥7.0*10³
Water absorption ratio in vacuum % ≤10 GB/T17794-2008
Dimension stability % ≤10 GB/T8811
Crack resistance N/cm ≥2.5 GB/T10808
Compression resilience ratio % ≥70 GB/T6669-2001
Compression time 72h
Anti-ozone —— Not cracking GB/T7762
Ozone pressure 202mpa
Aging resistance —— Slightly crumpling, GB/T16259
150h no cracks,
Temperature °C -40°C——110°C GB/T17794

foam rubber insulation sheet is designed for the insulation of large surfaces,

ideal for the insulation of sheet aluminum ducts and pipes of large diameters.

By reducing the number of sections required they simplify installation, saving on time and labor costs.

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