Glass Wool Insulation

Glass Wool Blanket/Roll/Batts with aluminum Foil

glass wool blanket/roll/batts with aluminum foil
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glass wool roll aluminum foil,glass wool batts aluminum foil Specification:

The glasswool blanket is suitable for acoustic and thermal insulation in tall building, also for refrigeration,air condition machinery room,etc.,with properties of good flexibility and installation convenient.

Availability of glasswool blanket with foil

Glass Wool Density:10kg/m3,12kg/m3,14kg/m3,16kg/m3,20kg/m3,24kg/m3,32kg/m3-50K

Standard width: 1200mm;

Thickness: 25~100mm;

Length: 11000mm/22000mm; glass wool blanket with/wihtout Aluminium foil

Mat facing available: fiberglass cloth, fiberglass veil or tissue, aluminum foil, etc.

Packing: Vacuum packing. glass wool insulation with Aluminium Foil

Glass Wool Blanket Usage
The materials can be cut at random according to the construction requirement.It is mainly used on the following aspects:rooms of buildings,sound reduction system,mean of communication, refrigeration equipments, damping, and sound absorption and noise reduction of domestic electric appliance, which has a satisfatory effect.

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