Glass Wool Blanket

Glass Wool Blanket

glass wool blanket
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Glass Wool Blanket Technical Parameters
Glass Wool Density:10-72kg/m3,Length:≤30m,Width:1.2m,Thickness:25-200mm
Centrifugal Glass Wool Blanket
The glass wool blanket is a kind of scrolling materials made for the large area laying.Besides heat insulation and thermal insulation,it has other advantages such as excellent damping and sound absorption, especially for intermediate and low frequency and all kinds of noise concussion, noise reduction and working environment improvement.

Glass wool blanket with aluminum foil has the effect of heat radiation hardening, a lining material mainly used in high-temperature workshops, control room, inner wall of computer lab,isolated room and flat top.
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Glass Wool Blanket Package
Our standard package:Vacuum compressed packing in plastic bag and plastic woven bag.
To increase loading quantity and reduce cost of transportation, all exported glass wool blanket would be packed vacuum. However, due to excellent rebound property, when reach the destination our glass wool will rebound almost to the original level in 24 hours after been unpacked.

Loading quantity per 40ft HQ(Unfaced)
10kg/m3-15m*1.2m*50mm 920 rolls
10kg/m3-20m*1.2m*50mm 630 rolls
12kg/m3-10m*1.2m*50mm 1200 rolls
12kg/m3-12m*1.2m*50mm 950 rolls
12kg/m3-14m*1.2m*50mm 750 rolls
12kg/m3-15m*1.2m*50mm 750 rolls
12kg/m3-20m*1.2m*50mm 530 rolls
12kg/m3-30m*1.2m*50mm 340 rolls,glass wool blanket manufacturers
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