Rock Wool Wire Mesh,Rock Wool With Galvanised Wire Mesh

Rock Wool Wire Mesh,Rock Wool With Galvanised Wire Mesh

rock wool Galvanised Wire Mesh

Rock Wool With Galvanised Wire Mesh:NO.1 Rock Wool Factory With CE and SGS

Rock wool insulation Specifications:

The rock wool with wire mesh products regard basalt as its main raw materials, after the towering stove is melted, make basalt high-temperature melting body into inorganic fiber with high-speed acentric equipment, put bond, Polish, silicone oil in at the mean time.
1.0 main product: Rock wool with wire mesh platerock wool tuberock wool blanket
1.1. Rock wool board
(1) weight: 61-200kg/m3
(2) specification: 1000(1200)mm× 600(630)mm length × Width
(3) thickness: 30mm-100mm
Special size can be made to order
1.2. Rock wool pipe
(1) weight: 61-200kg/m3
(2) inner diameter: Φ 17mm-1020mm
(3) thickness: 30mm-120mm
1.3. Rock wool blanket
(1) weight: 61-200kg/m3
(2) thickness: 25mm-100mm
2.0 performance
2.1. Good performance of thermal insulation, mechanical, fire prevention
2.2. High acidity has better chemical stability and fiber durability.
2.3. Low cost and high temperature resistance.
2.4. Good characteristics of sound absorption

Properties Value
Shot content (particle diameter ≥ 0.25mm), % ≤ 10.0
Average fiber diameter, μ m ≤ 7.0
Density tolerance, % +5, -5
Thermal conductivity coefficient (average temperature: 70± 5 2), W/(m. K) ≤ 0.039
Thermal load contraction temperature (products with density above 60kg/m 3 ), ≥ 720
Moisture content, % ≤ 0.5
Combustion property Non-combustible(A class)
Organic material content, % ≤ 4.0
Water repellence (water-proof), % ≥ 98
Water absorption (water-proof), % ≤ 2

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