Glass Wool Pipe

Glass Wool Pipe

glass wool pipe
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Glass wool pipe insulation

1.Glass Wool Pipe cover, 2.density 30-100kg/m3
3.thickness 30-100mm, 4.with/wihtout Alu. foil

Fiberglass duct/pipe/tube wrap insulation with CE mark
with/without Alu. foil facing

Factory direct sale could make the price lower and we can easily do quality control.

Glasswool products are manufactured with quartz sand,feldspar,sodium silicate and boric acid as main ingredients.The ingredients are melted under high temperature and made into fibers thinner than 6 u m which are then made into products of different shapes and sizes through shaping under high temperature.

glass wool pipe Technical Indexes
Bulk Density:45-100kg/m3
Thermal Conductivity:0.035w/m.k
Service Temperature:-120 degree-400 degree

glass wool pipe Product Specification
Pipe shell diameter:18-1220mm
Shell thickness:30-150mm
Shell length:1000mm

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