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Glass Wool Batts Australia
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As one of the biggest glass wool suppliers on this business in China, in our own factory, we produce high quality glasswool products with CE and SGS Certificates. Our factory can produce many shapes of glass wool products:
Glass wool/glasswool,Glass wool board/sheet/slab,Glass wool pipe,Glass wool blanket
Cold insulation glass wool board/sheet/slab,Cold insulation glass wool pipe
Cold insulation glass wool blanket
Sound absorbing glass wool board/sheet/slab,Sound absorbing glass wool pipe
Sound absorbing glass wool blanket
Ceiling glass wool board/sheet/slab,Ceiling glass wool pipe
Ceiling glass wool blanket
Sprung roof glass wool board/sheet/slab,Sprung roof glass wool pipe
Sprung roof glass wool blanket
Glass wool coated with metal mesh, fiber glass cloth, fiberglass blanket, aluminum foil.

Package and detailed specifications: We can supply as you like.

Popular selling types: glass wool insulation for Australian AS/ NZS 4859.1
R3.5…1160×430x165mm - 10kgm3(16 pcs/bag)440bags -3511.55m2/container)
R3.5…1160×430x170mm - 10kgm3(16 pcs/bag)440bags -3511.55m2/container)
R3.5…1160×430x175mm - 10kgm3(16 pcs/bag)440bags -3511.55m2/container)
R3.5…1160×430x180mm - 10kgm3(16 pcs/bag)420bags -3351.94m2/container)
R3.5…1160×430x185mm - 10kgm3(16 pcs/bag)420bags -3351.94m2/container)
R3.5…1160×580x165mm - 10kgm3(16 pcs/bag)440bags -3552.4m2/container)
R3.5…1160×580x185mm - 10kgm3(12 pcs/bag)420bags -3390.91m2/container)
R4.0…1160×580x210mm - 10kgm3(12 piece/bag)380bags-3067.97m2/container

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