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we are the biggest glass wool insulation Suppliers & Manufacturers in China, in our own factory,we can produce many shapes of glass wool products:glass wool insulation, glass wool felt,glass wool batts, glass wool blanket,glass wool with foil,Glass Wool Insulation Manufacturersglass wool batts suppliers,

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Our Glass wool products have passed with CE,ISO and SGS Certificates. Our products are widely sold all over the country and exported to Korea,Japan,Mongolia,Russia,Europe,Middle East,Asia,Ukraine,Australia,etc.

Our products are widely used in construction,petroleum, chemical engineering, electricity, metallurgy, textile, national defense, traffic,car manufacturing, pipelines of air-conditioner, railway carriages, ships, refrigeration storage and so on.

We welcome you to cooperate with us. A new future in building material will be realized. Please feel free to contact us for further information.

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